Make Friends, Learn French: 6 Tips for Studying Abroad in France

Make Friends, Learn French: 6 Tips for Studying Abroad in France

Community for high school exchange students and host families. About Exchange Student World. High school, new friends, get to experience the American culture and just have fun for a year. I had no idea that I was going to meet a wonderful guy, no less fall in love. I met him the same day I arrived in Pheonix. August 20 He introduced himself as Christopher. Of course, I had already heard about him in my hostmoms e-mails.

Checklist. Prepare your arrival in France

Your browser does not support JavaScript, or it is currently disabled. This site requires JavaScript support to run properly. While attending HEC Paris, exchange students have the opportunity to participate in career workshops and recruitment events throughout the academic year. Orientation: The International Office at HEC Paris offers a two-day mandatory orientation program for incoming international students prior to the start of the academic program.

All students registered in an initial training in a French higher education institution, Go to the international relations department of your host institute. a valid email address,; information on your visa,; your date of arrival in France,; your.

Questions and stresses remain for international students in the U. For international students studying at U. The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that international students can take classes online without it adversely affecting their visa statuses. But as the COVID pandemic has forced universities to partially close their campuses, many unanswered questions remain. Among them: whether there is a possibility to extend the status of students whose visa statuses are set to expire but whose home countries are under health-related travel advisories, making them unable to go home.

Another question is how the State Department plans to adjudicate student visa applications if consulates and embassies in countries affected by the outbreak are closed for extended periods. Last summer there were delays in processing OPT applications. Students must be physically present in the U. Beidacki is also worried about being able to re-enter the U. His university has advised graduating international students who want to apply for OPT not to leave the U.

FACT SHEET: Student and Youth Exchange Programs between the United States and France

More info. Search this site. More info Visas, Medical Cover. The Office of the Registrar is here to help students with administrative and practical details concerning their study period in France, such as visas, temporary residence permits, opening bank accounts, medical cover More Info on visa and Residence Permit.

Questions and stresses remain for international students in the U.S. after your OPT start date, then your work authorization is revoked and.

Your browser does not support JavaScript, or it is currently disabled. This site requires JavaScript support to run properly. Toggle navigation. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options. Orientation: Portrait Landscape. Apply Now. The Undergraduate Exchange Program at Sciences Po, an international university with campuses across France, draws students from over partner universities worldwide.

Each year, Sciences Po’s staff, faculty and 8, students welcome over 1, exchange students, making them an important part of the student community and the university’s academic mission. DePaul students can become a part of this dynamic learning environment at the various campuses by participating in the Undergraduate Exchange Programme for one semester or one year.

Because exchange students are considered regularly enrolled Sciences Po students, they benefit from access to all campus facilities and services: computer labs, e-mail and internet services, libraries, career services, informational resources on housing, etc. Students are encouraged to take part in campus life through the more than 60 student clubs and associations and diverse sports activities, as well as daily conferences and special lectures.

This exchange program does not send large groups of students to enroll abroad. Instead, this is a reciprocal relationship where DePaul sends a handful of students to Sciences Po, and in return, Sciences Po sends a roughly equal number of students to DePaul.

5 Things No One Tells You About Being an Exchange Student

You are now sure you will be studying in France from the start of the next academic year. Here you will find everything you need to do and plan on, step by step, to properly prepare for your arrival in France. Before you arrive in France, start looking for accommodation as soon as possible.

On ISEP Direct, a UI student pays a program fee established by their host university to directly enroll, and there is no exchange of students. However, ISEP Direct.

Updated August 21, Visa Questions. The pre-consular Campus France review process takes 3 weeks. We are currently unable to offer expedited 3-day review given the context. Globally, visa issuance for France was suspended starting in mid-March Currently, most VFS Centers around the country are open and accepting student visa appointments, but are operating at limited capacity to comply with local public health guidelines.

Student visa applications are being reviewed and student visas are currently being issued. Most of the open VFS Centers are operating at limited capacity due to the local public health context and the sanitary measures in place for the safety of the visitors. If you do not see an open appointment slot, you should refresh the calendar and check back several times a day.

Our best advice is to stay persistent about checking the calendar, and contact VFS if you have any questions.

Incoming Students – PSB Exchange Program, Study Abroad Program and Free Mover Program

The most geographically diverse country in Europe, France is made up of many regions, each with its own distinct flavor. Although studies are rigorous the school day ends at 5—6 p. Homestays are located throughout the greater Toulouse area, always within reach of public transportation. Lose your voice cheering for the local rugby team during a close match.

Get a feel for regional slang, and build your vocabulary by chatting with local shop owners, neighbors, and friends of your homestay. Upon arriving in France with your fellow participants, you will be met by CIEE staff in Toulouse, where you will begin your five-day orientation.

Sciences Po Lille has an enrollment of French students and over It is home to a city center with buildings dating from the 17th century while outlying.

Your browser does not support JavaScript, or it is currently disabled. This site requires JavaScript support to run properly. Known for its strength in finance, EDHEC also has prominent research centers focusing on accounting, risk management, marketing, and law. The newly renovated main campus at Lille is located in Northern France. Lille is the 4th largest city in France and just an hour away from Paris, Brussels, and London.

Lille is known for its industries and distribution companies such as Auchan, run by one of the wealthiest families in France, the Mulliez. Nice is located on the French Riviera and known worldwide for its outstanding natural environment and the quality of its tourism infrastructure. It is also positioned as one of the most promising sites to host the boom of the innovative high-tech industries. EDHEC, with its small private campus in the city of Nice, combines cosmopolitan flair with local flavor.

University calendar

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The Undergraduate Exchange Program at Sciences Po, an international university with campuses across France, draws students from over partner.

Your browser does not support JavaScript, or it is currently disabled. This site requires JavaScript support to run properly. View All. See details below. To be eligible for the program, students must be enrolled full time at Bloomsburg University or at a University in the PA State System of Higher Education and be in good academic standing. Noted for its culture and arts, Nancy pop. Research and development firms particularly in the fields of information technology and biotechnology also play an important role in the local economy.


When I studied abroad in Paris my sophomore spring of college, I had an arrangement with a man I’ll call Guillaume. We would meet for coffee, those petite European ones that make you feel like a giantess to sip, and speak for 30 minutes in English and then 30 minutes in French. His English was really bad, but he was ten years older than I was, and I found that thrilling.

For the third meeting, we moved to a bar and reverted to just French. We drank a few Kronenbourgs and chatted about Sarkozy—I remember singing 15 seconds of a Carla Bruni song to prove some point—before he walked to the door of my homestay and politely asked for a blowjob in the sharpest English I’d ever heard from him. Foreign boys often shine linguistically when they’re asking for a sex thing.

The university utilizes buildings that date back the 16th Century as well as facilities that Exchange programs differ from other study abroad options and on​-site Most students who arrive in Poitiers with three years of college-level French are.

My first exposure to France or anything French was meeting a boy named Julien when I was at the country club, hanging out by myself and getting sunburned like I always did. I was still a teenager and I texted my mom saying that I met a cute French boy. Seriously — she called the police, the PNCC our local traffic patrol , the hospitals nearby, and as soon as I got back to looking at my mobile phone, I must have had 30 new messages and 20 missed calls.

There was already a search for me going on. But in college and through surfing, I started making friends from France each year — some of them acquaintances, some I will never forget, and most I will forever be friends with. So I kept on learning the language, watched their movies, and had a slight idea of what it was like in France from the people I knew. That was a dream come true. I was excited, scared, nervous and chillax at the same time and I felt like I already knew so much about the country even before going there, and yet, I also had no idea what to expect.

And the unexpected happened. As soon as we landed on the Charles de Gaulle airport, I had the strange feeling of knowing I was in a foreign land and being at home at the same time. But I was hearing French, breathing their air, taking in all the sights, and texting my friends that — Ohlalaaaa… I was finally there. I lived in a small town south of Paris called Bondoufle with a couple I will never forget.

They were pretty crazy but I love them all the same.

Sorbonne University fact sheet

The right mindset will help you get the most out of your study abroad experience. The French I studied in college before moving to France left me woefully unprepared for the actual challenges of life in Paris, and lots of people have had similar experiences. I recommend taking some time—at least a month—to focus on personalized study of the French you will need for your ideal French study abroad experience.

That up-front investment will enable you to hit the ground running and really make the most of your short time in France. As you should have seen from answering the above questions, individual needs vary from person to person and your prep for studying abroad should be specific to you. One great way to prepare for all these things is by taking some one-on-one online classes via Skype to zero-in on the areas where you want to improve.

Reopening Our Schools – Updates and Information. As we work toward the reopening of schools, stay up-to-date on the most recent important.

Students should have sufficient oral and written skills in French. A student who has successfully completed at least one level class is likely to be at this level. A C1 level is encouraged for students taking classes in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Students may consider these on a case-by-case basis and must consult with their academic advisors. SU will provide transcripts for students taking part in the exchange.

Spring semester: End of January to mid-May. Exams near the beginning of June. Students should plan to arrive several days before the term begins. View academic calendar dates. Student visa information: Every student, with the exception of EU citizens, is required to have a student visa. You will use a long-stay student visa visa D for a visit longer than 3 months.

Air travel: Exchange students will be responsible for arranging and purchasing their own round-trip international airline tickets for dates appropriate for the term at the host university. Exchange students should only purchase tickets once SU has confirmed the dates of arrival. Students who are nominated for the exchange are eligible for a travel grant from OIA.

USA vs FRANCE Stereotypes + Meet Minthy my French Exchange Student

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