Fossil of Gordodon dating back 300 million years rewrites ‘known evolutionary timeline’

Fossil of Gordodon dating back 300 million years rewrites ‘known evolutionary timeline’

Photo taken on June 24, shows the fossil of an extinct genus of lizard dating back about million years, which was found in northeast China. Photo provided to Xinhua. Researchers from China University of Geosciences announced Tuesday that they have discovered a fossil of an extinct genus of lizard dating back about million years in northeast China. Different from previous discoveries in the same area, researchers found remains of a large crawfish in the lizard’s stomach, including cheliped, a broken pereiopod and tentacles, which look like today’s crawfish. Although the Yabeinosaurus lacked obvious morphological aquatic features, it had a habit of hunting on riverbanks, according to Xing. Researchers said the discovery is of great significance for studying small and medium-sized reptiles’ predation habits in the Cretaceous period.

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What is this page? This page is hosted by Altmetric on behalf of Oxford University Press. Oxford University Press Article Metrics. Molecular dating and diversification of the South American lizard genus Liolaemus subgenus Eulaemus based on nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences Overview of attention for article published in Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, February Altmetric Badge.

Mentioned by twitter 1 tweeter. Readers on mendeley 67 Mendeley citeulike 1 CiteULike. Summary Twitter Dimensions citations. Title Molecular dating and diversification of the South American lizard genus Liolaemus subgenus Eulaemus based on nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences. View on publisher site Alert me about new mentions. Twitter Demographics The data shown below were collected from the profile of 1 tweeter who shared this research output.

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300m-year-old lizard found in Canada the earliest parental care in animals

He is greenish brown, has dragon scales for skin, grows up to 32 inches and is the world’s last remaining lizard-like reptile that has a lineage dating back to about million years when dinosaurs still roamed the earth—he’s a tuatara and he’s making a comeback. A species native to New Zealand, the tuatara was spotted nesting in a sanctuary close to Wellington last week, the first such sighting in years.

Staff at the acre Karori Wildlife Sanctuary stumbled upon four white, leathery ping-pong sized tuatara eggs during routine maintenance work at the end of last week.

Dating post-metamorphic hydrothermal mineralization in the Lizard complex, Cornwall – Volume Issue 5 – A. F. Seager, F. J. Fitch, J. A. Miller.

Conceived and designed the experiments: SD RS. Performed the experiments: SD. Analyzed the data: SD. Wrote the paper: SD RS. Relatively recent Plio-Pleistocene climatic variations had strong impacts on the fauna and flora of temperate-zone North America and Europe; genetic analyses suggest that many lineages were restricted to unglaciated refuges during this time, and have expanded their ranges since then.

Temperate-zone Australia experienced less severe glaciation, suggesting that patterns of genetic structure among species may reflect older aridity-driven divergence events rather than Plio-Pleistocene thermally-mediated divergences. The lizard genus Bassiana Squamata, Scincidae contains three species that occur across a wide area of southern Australia including Tasmania , rendering them ideally-suited to studies on the impact of past climatic fluctuations.

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Here, I combine previously underutilized models and priors to perform more biologically realistic phylogenetic inference from morphological data, with an example from squamate reptiles. When coding morphological characters, it is often possible to denote ordered states with explicit reference to observed or hypothetical ancestral conditions.

Using this logic, we can integrate across character-state labels and estimate meaningful rates of forward and backward transitions from plesiomorphy to apomorphy. Despite this, the phylogeny of Squamata remains contentious. Total-evidence analyses using combined morphological and molecular data and the MkA approach tend toward recent consensus estimates supporting a nested Iguania.

Lizards and snakes represent scaled reptiles (squamata). Studies of lizard yolk sac development, dating to more than years ago, report.

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Dino-aged Reptile Makes a Comeback

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This ancient reptile was an archosaur — part of the same group that would later include dinosaurs, pterosaurs and crocodilians. Scientists recently discovered a partial skeleton of the lizard dating to million years ago, a time when Antarctica was bursting with plant and animal life. Not only does the fossil of this former “king” provide a sharper picture of the forest landscape in long-ago Antarctica, it also helps to explain the evolutionary landscape following the biggest mass extinction in Earth’s history, scientists reported in a new study.

Though the lizard fossil was incomplete, researchers were able to tell from the fused vertebrae that the animal was an adult reptile, and it likely measured about 4 to 5 feet 1. They dubbed it Antarctanax shackletoni : The first part of its name comes from the Greek words for “Antarctic king;” the second part is a nod to pioneering British polar explorer Ernest Shackleton , who named the Beardmore Glacier — where many Antarctic fossils, including Antarctanax , have recently been found — following an expedition in Subtle features in the bones of the lizard’s spine and feet indicated that it was a new species, and its foot shape suggested that it lived on the ground, scampering over the forest floor, lead study author Brandon Peecook, a Meeker Postdoctoral Fellow at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, told Live Science.

Those trees might be hard to picture if you imagine Antarctica as it is today: a frozen, mostly lifeless, ice-covered desert.

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New species of “fish lizard”, reptile dating back to dinosaurs, discovered by McGill student. July 18, 0.

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